Sunday, April 8, 2001




"Sledgecorp Productions
is one half of the highly successfull ShadowBlade Networks, the maker of
the hit wrestling show ShockWave Wrestling.  The duo of Nightmare
Productions and Sledgecorp takes public access to new heights by just simply
putting in an effort to make their shows entertaining, and not just 'mailing
in' their performances."

Umm, yeah. 
Actually, Sledgecorp exists mainly as a celebration of all things bad. 
You know how some people love to watch B-Movies, not for any artistic value,
but just to laugh at them?  Have you ever sat back and watched a porn
video that was so terribly acted it made you want to cry?  Or have
you seen stupid people take a stupid idea  and acheive a level of
stupidity  you've never seen before?  That's what I'm talkin'
bout... yo.

Bad TV like Wrestling
Prime.  Stupid home made flicks.  Craptastic shit from around
the world.  That's what the Sledgecorp is all about.

But with the bad,
there's also some good.  There's always more than just one way of
seeing things.  And maybe, just maybe, when we laugh at someone else's
stupid shit, we're also laughing... at ourselves.





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