Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Not Against Ads, but Finally Went Adblock Thanks to Daily Motion

I know, I know... it's been FOREVER since I last updated.  Being in a demoralizing situation will do that to you.

Seriously, fuck Another Man's Treasure in Waterbury, CT.  I came in just to be a spare guy who prices things, and ended up given more responsibility just so the boss can blame someone else for his fuck ups.

It was the worst experience I've ever had working with someone.  I left when he started refusing to pay me.  THAT's the kind of scumbag he was.

Aaaaaaanyway... enough said about that.  So yeah, it's been a while.

So today I was on Daily Motion, viewing something for a review.  I notice the video froze a lot, so I just thought it was my lackluster Toshiba Satellite.  Nope.  It was video ads.

Video ads... on a video site, going off WHILE my chosen video was playing.  Constantly refreshing and changing the ads every minute or so.  THAT was the reason my video was stuttering.

Daily Motion also didn't even BOTHER to make sure that their video ads didn't automatically play audio.  THAT is when I realized that, even though I myself have NO PROBLEM WITH ADS on the internet in general... hell, it's where I pick up a few cents every now and again... I HAD to start using AdBlock.

Things are moving much smoother now... but it does trouble me a bit.

Monday, November 25, 2013

RIP Brother Walt - July 1, 1937 - November 18, 2013

By: Chris "Sledge" Douglas

I heard it late.  However, it hit me just as hard as it would have regardless.

Brother Walt, as I mentioned previously on this site, was the guy who got me my break into television.  Sure, it was public access, but it opened the door to me for SO much.  Many of the best times of my life happened doing public access, and I owe all of that to Brother Walt.

If you want more details on my time on his show, feel free to read my write-up here.  It was an extremely formative time for me, and the chance that Walt gave me had a HUGE influence in my desire to go ahead and continue in broadcasting.

And I can't thank him enough for that.

I think if I were to come up with a favorite memory with Walt, I would have to say it was all the times we would go to the local Athenian Diner after shows.  The conversations were plenty, and the advice given was absolutely key to the person I have become today.

Thank you so much, Brother Walt.  I'll miss you.

P.S. If you would like to send some kind words to the Belsito family during this tough time, please do so here.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Friday, September 6, 2013


Before anything else, I just want to thank everyone who has supported Sledgecorp Productions over the years. Ever since our horrendous first AOL page, to our longest home at, from our days on SKYE XIII and VBCTV to our current YouTube, Blip, Twitter and Blogspot residences, you've never lost the faith, so to speak. I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

And I must also thank you for following us through all of our topics and interests. Be it machinima, pro-wrestling, comics and movies, politics, video games and even mind-numbing public access TV, I appreciate that you've been coming here and enjoying our content!

So we'd like to present you with the following updates!

- We're very close to add yet something else to the Sledgecorp Productions umbrella... an as of yet unnamed English practice show for native Japanese speakers! This show will draw upon my years of experience as an English teacher in Japan in a way that I hope learners will enjoy! More details coming soon!

- The SLEDGE-A-TORIAL has FINALLY spun off into it's own website! The SLEDGE-A-TORIAL is basically my soapbox in mostly politics, but also a number of other subjects as well. As the series originated on this site, the original articles will remain here, so that there are no linking issues, but further entries will be exclusive to the new site. As these editorials can often be biased and controversial, Read with caution! Information can be dangerous, after all...

- In broadcast news, a number of ideas are being considered for our return to Public Access TV on SKYE XIII. One idea involves a compilation show of everything that we've produced since our last episode of "B.S.". And speaking of "B.S.," the other idea is yet another series of the seminal Public Access show of the early 2000s. We'll keep everyone updated! And perhaps needless to say, there will be new old eps of "B.S." coming very soon!

- In our web publishing division, 2012 and 2013 have both been amazing years, as 2012 brought us Prixel Derp, our retro-gaming site, and 2013 brought to bear it's sister sites, Puro WAVE for pro-wrestling (I can't run away from it, no matter how hard I try), and Phantom Screamer for comics and film.

- Speaking of Prixel Derp, we have now joined forces with Obsolete Gamer, the premiere up and coming video game website! Come see our content, and stay for everyone else's!

- Finally, you've asked for it, you've got it! More OJ-FWA Pro-Wrestling machinima content is on it's way!

Once again, thank you all, and let's hope for atleast another 14 years!

Catch ya.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The SLEDGE-A-TORIAL: No 'Peer Review' Needed for Science!

A lot of people are upset about the size of the budget these days. But people can't seem to decide what exactly is the "discretional spending" that can be excised without much trouble or fervour.

This man, Representative Lamar Smith...

...who, judging by this picture, barely realizes where he is, thinks that we spend WAY TOO MUCH on National Science Foundation, mainly on research that doesn't supposedly "meet national priorities."

It's called the High Quality Research Act, and it's currently in it's draft stage.

Here are some of it's most egregious bits:

- Does away with the Peer Review Process

Because don't YOU hate it when others try to make sure your research isn't bullshit?

- Discounts the importance of research duplication


- Scientists cannot independently verify experimental results from other laboratories

So, it's "one and done," huh? No need to check to make sure the results aren't COMPLETELY WRONG I guess.

But don't worry. This Rep is COMPLETELY on the level.  After all, he's on the SCIENCE comitee:

Not only that... HE'S THE CHAIRMAN!

Also, for those who are unaware, this is also the main guy behind CISPA.

THAT ended up being REAL popular.

But how much money would we be saving making sure things meet this criteria?  Hell, how much do we SPEND on the National Science Foundation?  A whopping 0.2%.

That's right.  Gut the entire scientific method out of research, and make these 'conclusions' unverifiable, and save pennies off the already pitiful amount we spend on science.

Unless it's military science.  Then it's a blank check.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Matsumoto TV Behind The Scenes - OJ-FWA FIGHT TV Episode 01

Welcome to Matsumoto TV Behind The Scenes, where we take a behind the scenes look at a Matsumoto TV production! This time, it's Go! Go! OJ-FWA FIGHT TV Episode 1!