Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The SLEDGE-A-TORIAL - Triple Play: The Perv, The Post and the Pot

Welcome Sledgeamaniacs! Welcome once again to the SLEDGE-A-TORIAL!

Let's just get right into things...

The Pot

First off, it's being said that alcohol special interest groups are donating to anti-cannabis legalization efforts.  One such prominent person being John Hickenlooper, governor of the state that recently voted to legalize it (via Proposition 64 on the election day ballot of this year).

There are a number of reasons one may assume that this is so in regards to the alcohol companies... I suppose they feel that if one smokes more pot, they are less likely to drink.  To that I say... absolutely not!  Sure, there may be a scant few who indeed may switch over, but for the most part most pot smokers are also alcohol drinkers.  Just take a look at any college campus... you'll find both in the same places.

However, they are certainly not alone. Other groups who have attempted to keep marijuana illegal include pharmaceutical companies (as its effect on pain relief  outdoes that of stuff like Advil or even Vicodin), police unions (as the ongoing "war on drugs" helps bring in more money), and private prison companies (who, of course, get paid to jail people via Government contracts). As you can see, all of these groups have various vested interests in the cause.

And, before anyone says anything, let me point out that I am NOT in favor of legalizing the dangerous stuff: coke, halucinogens, herion, etc, etc. But seriously, it's well into the 21st century and we are still debating this!

Man, fuck people.

The Post

A big to-do is being made of the New York Post's decision to publish a photograph of a slain Queens commuter moments before his death by train.  While publishing the photo AT ALL would no doubt have caused tremendous grief for the family of the slain one, it is no doubt exacerbated by their splashing of the photo ON THE COVER OF THE PAPER.


ON THE COVER.  Go ahead, click the link above.  I refuse to upload that to my site.

Oh, Rupert Murdoch... is there ANY depth that you won't stoop to?

Basically, the story behind the photo is one guy pushed another guy onto the tracks of an oncoming subway train, killing him while others stood by, one even taking time to take the picture, while THIS PERSON COULD HAVE BEEN ATTEMPTING TO SAVE HIM.

FUUUUUCK people.

The Perv

Finally, this one hits real close to home for me.

A teacher who works at Taft School in Watertown CT has been arrested on charges of possesion and distribution of child pornography.

Richard Doyle, 63 was apparently using some sort of peer to peer service to get it (I'm assuming something like Bit Torrent, as it is currently the most popular one), and using it to download and distribute.  It's unclear if he used the school computers to do this.

What makes this even scarier is that he also was a filmaker and a few times took kids with him on trips to film movies.  One assumes that they are not the ones in question, though who knows at this point.  It should also be said that he was a regular director at the Warner Theater in Torrington, CT (the article I read these facts from seem to have dissapeared; I read it from the hardcopy version of the Waterbury Republican American, but the online version seems to have dissapeared.  Wierd).

Now, as I mentioned above, this one hits REALLY close to home.  I mean REALLY close.  Like uncomfortably close.  Why? 

Because I know alot of people whose kids go to that school.

F U C K   P E O P L E.

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