Sunday, March 3, 2013

Matsumoto TV Behind The Scenes - OJ-FWA FIGHT TV Episode 01

Welcome to Matsumoto TV Behind The Scenes, where we take a behind the scenes look at a Matsumoto TV production! This time, it's Go! Go! OJ-FWA FIGHT TV Episode 1!

Show Description:
Welcome to the inaugural episode of Go! Go! OJ-FWA FIGHT TV!

We recap what went down between OJ-FWA Sekai Ningen-kyuu Champion Hidenori Tsujimoto and the new #1 contender Caleb Dod... as well as the egomaniacal Jack Dod.

In action, scheduled to join us is Amazonas, making her OJ-FWA debut!

We'll see Flash Jones in action... in the boxing ring!

Next, we'll have So Ryung Park in action!

Finally, it's a new chapter for the old rivalry: John "(C)" "Mickey Mofo" McKay squares off against Edison's Frank!

Production Notes:
OJ-FWA had been an on again and off again project since it's debut in 2005. What started as a way to show off created characters via Fire Pro Returns (both original and, well, not so original) transformed into a completely original series as more and more ideas for the established characters came into my head. The problem is, these ideas would take their sweet time coming. I would often refuse to do ANYTHING unless I was sure it was an A+ idea, which meant I would give myself lots of time to let things develop. On the plus side, I really feel this gave me compelling characters.

On the minus side, plots and storylines moved with the speed of a glacier. Hell, to this day, some of them STILL haven't been resolved.

So basically, I needed something to help things along... a way to kind of force myself to produce something with a bit more speed.

The concept was simple: find a format to quickly plug matches and segments into that wouldn't discourage me from doing so on a more often basis. Have old-school squash matches that would show off the characters moves, and if possible, their personalities and logic. Finally, produce it in a way that was reminiscent of the old-school puroresu tapes I used to import. And thus, Go! Go! OJ-FWA FIGHT TV was born!

OJ-FWA's new direction was 100% solidified with the just-occurred Champion's Soul Finals, an event that showcased the kind of production value I was looking for in a big-event-style program. So, I had the perfect storyline to start things off: long-time champ (we have a lot of those) Hidenori Tsujimoto was attacked by the up and coming outsider number one contender Caleb Dod to close out the show, a scene that had produced the most word of mouth OJ-FWA had since it's inception, and this had to be followed up upon. In the coming episodes, you will see where that eventually gets to.

Next, as the federation needed some fresh blood, Amazonas was created. Inspired by an old Amiga tracker mod that was used as her theme song (AMAZONAS.S3M), Amazonas took part in OJ-FWA's first squash match.

Then, a much underused character was given a chance to shine. Flash Jones, a character created by a college friend of mine, was criminally neglected. I figured a great way to get him going again was to show him in his most natural environment, a boxing ring! Using EA's Fight Night Round 3, this was accomplished. (Also, look for "The Tomato Can" to return again at some point!)

Finally, OJ-FWA's two most popular characters had make their presences felt in this inaugural episode as well. So Ryung Park, first created and modified from a CAW sample in Smackdown: Here Comes The Pain continued with her own squash match to reinforce her dominant characterization. John "(C)" McKay, originally created on Fire Pro 6 Man Scramble on the Sega Saturn faced his number one rival, Edisons Frank who, if you couldn't already tell, was based on Edison's Frankenstein. It is also a reference to the Sledgecorp Productions logo. He was originally created for Fire Pro D on the Dreacast.

This episode, besides the Flash segment, was produced using Smackdown vs. Raw 2010, a program that would be used throughout the series.

So that was the first episode of Fight TV! To this day, it is the most viewed episode in the history of the series.

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